Arthog 2016

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Year 6 - Orcas Year: 2015 - 2016

Welcome to the Arthog Gallery. The Wifi in the centre is not too good so I hope you are reading this before we come home!!!!!

Day 1 was fab. Ending in everyone asleep by 11pm! 

We walked just over 5 miles yesterday from Fairbourne car park, along the sea front, then the Mawddach estuary, over the Railway bridge and onto Barmouth beach. We saw dolphins while in Fairbourne and Mrs Thomas was at the centre of a Seagull/Ice cream theft! She was not happy (The shop gave her a free one though). 

Midges are in full flow unfortunately! In the evening, the majority of the group did a photosearch of the centre while a select few chose to watch France v Romania! 

A great start to the weekend... will keep you posted. Weather not the best, muggy and wet! We need a breeze to get rid of the unwanted guests!!

Day 2

Welcome to our Arthog blog


It’s day 2 and we’ve already had an amazing time. Guess what? The birds strike again!!! As group 4 and 2 were eating their lunch, Cameron was just eating his flapjack when 3 ducks took it out of his hands!

The gorge was amazing, the view was brilliant (if you could stand on the rocks long enough to see it) and the water fall was too. Even though most of the rocks were extremely mossy and covered in seaweed, we still had to climb over them and try not to slip; most people slipped anyway. When we got to the top we had to slide down a really fast water slide that made everyone’s waterproof fill with water, which was fun when we got back (NOT). Everyone had so much fun.

The rock-climbing was fantastic! It was a long walk to get to the right place to start climbing, but we finally got there. Before we started climbing, we had to get the right gear on (E.G harnesses, climbing helmet and ropes).Once we started to climb, we had to grab onto the ledges, and pull ourselves up. Even though some people were a little bit worried that you might fall, we knew that 3 other people are pulling on the ropes to prevent that.

Some people, when everyone was doing everything else, were doing raft building! This was an amazing experience. We learnt lots of different knot techniques like the square knot or the granny knot. Luckily we did not sink (well group one!!!)We ended up splashing each other and we got absolutely drenched! What did not help is that the gear we were wearing was so tight. But all in all it was a fantastic activity!!

Another activity was canoeing. Although we got drenched, it was really fun. You had to try not to get beached as you couldn’t move if you did. Loads of people fell into the water and got absolutely soaked but laughed about it anyway. As we got ready for lunch at the end of the course, everyone tipped out their wellies and out came what looked like the whole river cascading into a pool.

Thanks for reading our blog and make sure you check out the next one.

By Hannah, Molly, Ellie and Karis!!!!!



Welcome to Arthog blog,

Day 3 (it’s gone so fast!!)Now everyone’s done all of the activities, they were all fantastic! We’re all a bit sad that we are going home, as we have had the most amazing time ever!!!!

My experience at nightline was both scary and great. Scary because you had a pillow case over your head and great because it was fun not knowing where you were going or what you were doing. (Imogen)

My experience at nightline was again scary but really fun. You couldn’t see anything because of the pillowcase but it was fun because you didn’t know what was coming up. The only bit I didn’t do was the underground tunnel as I’m extremely claustrophobic and I freaked out! (Hannah)

My experience of the nightline was so much fun, but a bit scary at the same time. Near the start, there was a pitch black tunnel reaching slightly upwards so it was really hard to get up, as well as that you couldn’t see anywhere. It was scary because you had to put a pillow case over your head. (Molly)

My experience of the nightline was amazing! I found it so much harder when you closed your eyes so then you could not see anything. As you might know from the other paragraphs we had pillow cases over our heads this made things so much more difficult when you have stung your hand. My favourite part of the course was when we went through the tunnel at the end. It was much easier to army crawl!!(Ellie)

My experience of the night line was also amazing. The only good thing about having a pillow case on your head is that it keeps away the midges as they are everywhere!!!!! The last obstacle that I did was an underground tunnel that was really long. There was a rope leading us the way so we didn’t get lost but it did keep going low. Overall the night line was great!!!!(Karis)

Today we got to go to the tuck shop and buy some souvenirs: teddy’s, buffs, stationary, mugs, water bottles and much more!

Thanks for reading, bye! 


Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Thankfulness'.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will." I Thessalonians 5:18

In school we will be:

Exploring the concept of thankfulness and how this relates to our school value of Community.

Encouraging pupils to further develop a thankful attitude.

Exploring how we can show thanks.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.