At Meole Brace primary school reading is at the heart of learning . Developing reading skills and fluency allows children access to our broad and balanced curriculum.The early stages of reading allow children to have secure and embedded phonic knowledge to support them with sounding out unfamiliar words.  As these skills develop, they will become fluent readers able to use their skills across the curriculum beginning a life- long love of reading.  This allows them to become successful members of a literate community.  Children are encouraged to explore texts at depth, answering questions, giving opinions and showing a growing understanding of a wider vocabulary.  Children demonstrate perseverance when answering questions about texts when the answer is not immediately available to them.

Developing a love of reading

Every classroom at Meole Brace Primary School has a reading area where children can access a wide range of text including: fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics and magazines. These welcoming, calm spaces allow children to enjoy reading for pleasure.

Our reading offer

Reading happens throughout the school day in most lessons, however a dedicated daily reading session is delivered every morning. Children are grouped by ability and take part in a timetabled reading carousel throughout the week. Children have opportunities to read independently, individually and in a Guided group. 

Children have an individual reading book that is carefully matched to their reading level. Early readers have access to phonetically decodable books and work through the book banding system, ensuring that they are reading books to consolidate their phase in Letters and Sounds. As their reading develops, children are exposed to text with alternative spelling patterns and new vocabulary. In addition to this, children deepen their understanding by answering retrieval and inferential questions. 

Teachers plan and deliver a guided reading session linked to end of year learning objectives . The guided reading text is selected from the band above to offer challenge through the support of the class teacher. These carefully planned sessions encourage children to justify and offer opinions using evidence from the text. In Key Stage Two, children explore the text independently during a post-guided read activity. 

Our Reading Partnership

We recognise the valuable impact that reading at home can have. We encourage children to read every night as part of their homework and ask that reading diaries are signed. 

School and community events such as Parent/Carers Letters and Sounds Workshop, The Book Bus, The Book Fair, Sponsored reads and Family Learning promote a love for reading and provide parents with the tools to support reading at home.

Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Respect'.

"Show proper respect to everyone" Peter 2:17

In school we will be:

Exploring our core school value of Respect.

Encouraging pupils to show respect for themselves, for each other and for everyone we meet.

Exploring how we can respect and celebrate difference.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.