We have arrived! 



We have had an afternoon of team tasks where 'teamwork' and 'challenge' have been the buzz words. The children have met their instructors and are settling into their dorms. We are just about to go for dinner and have been finding out about the John Muir conservation award.



Watch this space for more updates throughout the week.

Its 11.15pm and there has been SILENCE from every room for just under an hour! It is the best first night I can ever remember! The boys even turned out their own light! I am very impressed! Day One... done. 


Day Two

A morning chatter began at 5.45am and continued for another two hours. This has guaranteed a silent night tonight I am sure!!! wink

Group One have just returned from rock climbing. We got caught in a heavy downpour but everyone had a good climb and reached their goal. Quite a few surpassed their expectations which is what this place is all about! We are now enjoying our lunch with a view over Barmouth and clear blue skies.

Grace BL "It's amazing here. We love it."

Ryan adds "This place is beautiful"

Jesse thinks it's been a good experience so far and he'd like to do things like this on his next holiday!  

These early birds caught no worms! They were up before the worms though! 

Breakfast was YUM!




Joe B flew to the top of the slab! Jasmine wasn't far behind.

We are off for a canoe around a lake soon so will be getting wet once again. That's all for now folks. 

Group 1 & 2 were all drenched this afternoon. Canoers or Gorge walkers had a great time and the drying rooms are now full to the brim. 


You can guess the outcome here!

Lilly perfected the counterbalance 'Swan' move!


Group 2 built a raft and 'sailed' around a lake. 


Then they went gorge walking. Which started on the beach... 


and ended on a slide! 


Some smiles too!

Day 3

Today, group 3 went rock climbing and had an amazing time! Even got the good weather too! They found caves and worked as a team really well. Group 1 surprised themselves by how many of them managed to complete the climb and showed amazing perseverance in doing so.

Tuesday - Group 2 - Raft building 

(only able to upload this now I am back in work - Mrs Holloway)

We have had an incredible last day here at Arthog! We have been doing river surveys, canoeing, raft building, litter picking and the awesome night line! Everyone has had so much fun and worked brilliantly together! 


Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Perseverance'.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4.13

In school and at home we will be:

Exploring the value of perseverance.

Encouraging pupils to persevere and try their best in all that they do.

Exploring what we can do to persevere in challenging times.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.

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