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Date: 25th Sep 2015 @ 3:08pm

In Turtles mathematics,we have been learning all the operations e.g 9-5=4

6+8=14 5x6=30

In Turtles English we are writing traditional tales. We make up our own versions and include lots of descriptive words, phrases, similies and metaphors.

In Turtles Science we have been learning about light and electricity.

In Turtles P.E we have been doing Tag Rugby and Gymnastics/Balances.

In Turtles topic we have been learning about Fun & Games.

In Turtles R.E we have been learning about all the British Values. 

Some of the year6`s are going to do an election for House Captain

All pupils from year1 to year6  must vote for someone who is in their house to be in charge of their house. 


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oliver wrote:

I forgot the tune to the christmas song! sorry.i will try and remember! if i can't the I will ask on Monday!

Katy wrote:

Thats ok Oliver you were GREAT ! :)

oliver wrote:

when is the christmas play?
what date?

Laura wrote:

not sure Oliver something like the 13th of December

Hayley wrote:

I think it is

Ellie wrote:

When is the Christmas play?

Ellie wrote:

My computer will not download the extra spelling homework .So can I pick some up on Monday please.

ashleigh hutchinson wrote:

hi mrs H hope you and all the other teachers are ok x

Katy wrote:

Ahhhhh! I am really nervous for maths , in SATS! I cant remember anything ahhhh! = ):

Mr Nodder wrote:

Don't worry Katy... Try your best everyone... That's all you can do! You've had lots of practise... It will be Fine!
If you've revised, listened in class and try your best tomorrow, all will be good!

Oliver Renwick wrote:

When is leavers assembley?

stevie leigh allinson wrote:

I don't know but it will be fun Oliver

Mr Nodder wrote:

Leaver's Assembly is the final Friday Oliver. Starting at approx 1.45pm but that might change once we know the content of the assembly.

stevie leigh allinson wrote:

when is leavers assembly

Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Forgiveness'.

"Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." Luke 6:37

In school we will be:

Exploring the concept of forgiveness and how this relates to our school value of Respect.

Encouraging pupils to further develop a forgiving attitude.

Exploring how we can show and gain forgiveness.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.

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Meole Brace Primary School

Church Road, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Tel: 01743 351027