Religious Education

At Meole Brace C of E Primary school and Nursery, Religious Education is at the heart of our collective worship and school values.  It helps to form our ethos, our character and influences the relationships developed between members of the school community. 

Religious Education is taught from Reception to Year 6. The spiral curriculum, allows children to revisit and deepen  their understanding of key Christian concepts and other world faiths which include Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. The children are challanged to think, talk and ask questions about these concepts and world faiths. 

To support the children's learning in Religious Education, we have visitors who talk about their faith, we use artefact boxes to provide a visual and hands on experience and visit places of worship. 

To learn more, please see our school's vision for RE and our RE progression map below.

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Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Respect'.

"Show proper respect to everyone" Peter 2:17

In school we will be:

Exploring our core school value of Respect.

Encouraging pupils to show respect for themselves, for each other and for everyone we meet.

Exploring how we can respect and celebrate difference.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.