Overview of the term's work.

Term Overview of work.

Term Overview of work.

As Writers we will;

  • Persuade an audience to buy items
  • Produce instruction s for items on sale
  • Write creatively- creating myths of our own
  • Research and prepare reports-chronological and non -chronological about historical facts and events.
  • Use grammar and punctuation to clarify and enhance.
  • Make vocabulary and structure choices to engage the reader.

As  Mathematicians we will:

  • Revise place value, rounding and ordering
  • Consolidate calculation methods
  • Understand the link between fraction decimals and percentages
  • Reason about ratio and proportion
  • Understand the missing number/algebraic number sentences
  • Read and construct graphs and time tables
  • Work on co-ordinates in all four quadrants.
  • As Geographers  and historians : NC – History Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.

  • Compare the modern Olympic Games (Brazil) to Ancient Greece and explore reasons behind the original Games.
  • · Examine the culture behind the original Games.

    · Know where ‘Ancient Greece’ fits into the timeline.

  • Create fact files about Greek Gods.
  • As Scientists we are:

  • Observing how materials behave in water.
  • · Separating soluble and insoluble materials from water

  • Separating soluble and insoluble materials from each other.#
  • As Artists :

  • Create a monster based on paper sculpture.
  • Learn techniques of colour / texture and form.
  • As computing experts, we will:

  • Design a game based on Ancient Greece
  • Control a sprite
  • Debug programmes.
  • As religious learners, we will:

  • Discover what kind of king Jesus is
  • · What heaven on earth means

    · How Christians tried to bring the kingdom of God on Earth

    · Lear what the World Wide Church is

    · Understand that Christianity is an international religion

    · Understand how Christianity has spread around the world.


    As citizens, we will:

  • Explore British values related to democracy
  • · Learn how to keep ourselves safe online

  • Learn how to respect ourselves, our bodies and each other as we grow.


Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Generosity'.

"God loves a cheerful giver" Corinthians 9.7

In school we will be:

Exploring the concept of being generous.

Encouraging pupils to develop further an generous attitude.

Exploring what it means to give cheerfully and be generous with our time.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.

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