Year 6 - Turtles 2017 - 2018

Mrs Hetherington

Welcome to Arthog update...

As the day unravelled, we started walking to the beach (Owen). Zac filled Sam's bag with rocks! Sam returned the favour and got his own back! Mollie got blisters, Shannon was tired, we waved to a train! A 5.4mile walk from Fairbourne to Barmouth. We flew kites, burried Matty and Zac and Connor S and Bryan were smacking rounders on the beach. 


Front flips and cartwheels off the sand dunes!

Nightline - Finn fell over and got smacked in the face several times, Louis got left behind. Sam summersaulted into the tyre. Scarlett fell bottom first into a muddy puddle. Mollie B took Molly G and her team in the wrong direction and the midgies are definitely out! Day One... DONE!  

Day Two...

I was going into bushes while canoeing!!! (Evie) We were in the river and I fell out of the boat! (Mr Stockwell) Many other children verified this to be an extremely funny highlight of the day! Louis and Olivia were mysteriously pushed  into a lake! Then Dan pushed me in! Matthew had thirds at dinner!!!! Toad in the Hole and Spag Bol!! Connor T felt the freezing cold water in the pond! The waterfall was amazing today - someone said it reminded them of India! Some went down a mine. Zac said it was cool walking in total darkness. Ebonie has conquered two fears today (dark tunnels and canoeing on water) well done Miss B!


Everyone is having a great time. We spent the evening on the beach again. Earlier night tonight. Hope you enjoy the pics. See you tomorrow. Wind forecast so the program has been altered slightly.  

Day Three 

Can anyone quess which team won the Raft building race?!!

Final night team photo! Here are a few Sunday thoughts from the Arthoggers...  

"This has been a lovely trip and I'll definitely be coming again!" DS

"This is the funnest weekend i've ever had!!" MJ

"What a lifetime experience!" SL

"We've all had a great weekend and will remember it for ages!" CM

"This weekend was Ten out of Ten!" MG

"Our group was amazing and I really want it to happen again!" BJ

"Although we lost the raft race, we had great fun!" GM

"Even though the water has been very cold, we've had great fun!" CT

"I had thirds!" ZT

Connor Shilton's floater and Owen was the king of the knots! Matty amazed the instructor with his general knowledge. Bryan actually laughed too!!!! We have photographic evidence of this. Stockers was the first man to the top of the hill. Hockers was SO wet after just 30seconds of steering the raft (see above pic). 

See you all tomorrow. We will be back sometime between 3-4pm. I will text school when we have left. 

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Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Truthfulness'.

In school we will be:

Helping children to explore and understand the concept of truth.

Encouraging all members of the school community to be truthful in their interaction with one another.

Exploring the concept of being true to oneself.

Encouraging children to develop their understanding of the moral choices we are sometimes faced with in life.

Exploring how through Jesus's teaching we are given an insight into the nature of God and the way he means us to live.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.