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Happy New Year everyone!

The children have settled back into the new term very nicely.

Last week the children enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes. They have been on shape walks all around the school in search of different shapes and have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes.

We also had a very special visitor, Selina the nurse came in to talk to the children about her job and what she does in her job, how she cares for and helps people who are poorly and how she helps people to keep healthy. She brought us some bandages and little torches and now we have created a Role Play Area – The Doctor’s Surgery. The children are really enjoying pretending to be a nurse, doctor, receptionist or patient in there and have been really interested in learning about this occupation. They have also been recalling events in their own lives, times when they went to the doctor’s surgery.

What are we learning this week in the Starfish Class?

As part of our Religious Education we will be going into the hall for our weekly ‘Open the Book’ worship with the whole school.


Guided Reading in our groups and individual reading will continue.

Writing: we are learning to write using the sounds we can hear in the words in sequence. We have many writing opportunities in our Role Play Area, writing names in the appointment book, writing prescriptions, writing telephone messages, writing medical reports and patient details, writing signs and labels for in the surgery.


We will continue to practise our full name, forming all letters in our name using cursive script.

Letters and Sounds:

This week we will be learning: Phase 3 digraphs: ow er oi oo oo

We will be learning to read the High Frequency Words: but with that can

We will be learning to read the tricky words: my are was we

We are practising segmenting and blending for reading and for spelling words.




This week we will be learning all about the ‘Eightness of Eight’.

What does 8 look like in a set of objects?

What does the numeral 8 look like?

How do we write number 8?

Where do we find 8 on a number line? What is one more/ one less than 8?

How can we make 8 by partitioning 8 objects then combining to check there are still 8 altogether.

We are also learning about estimation, looking at amounts and making reasonable guesses.


Forest School- Muddy Mondays


We will be exploring the area, noticing any seasonal changes or similarities and differences in the area, comparing it to before the Christmas holidays.


We will be bringing stories and story-telling into our natural environment.

We have listened to the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. We will be hiding the Stick Man puppet in the outside area and the children can create stories about the Stick Man. Where will he run to next, into the tunnel, under the log? We will also be using our positional language.

The children will then collect natural treasures in their own baskets which they will bring back and we will create a Stick Man story telling area in the class using their natural treasures.

We will be collecting sticks and trying to make our own family of Stick Men in our Creative Workshop.


PE: Dance (Thursdays)

Indoor kit will be needed as usual

We will be exploring different ways of moving, rolling, leaping, shuffling, jumping, crawling, marching, running, walking, hopping, skipping, sliding safely moving into our own spaces.

We will link our story Stick Man – moving like the Stick Man, making shapes with our body to represent the Stick Man and create a Stick Man dance. We will be listening to different music and create our own dances to the music, fast and slow music.

PE: Outdoor Physical Activity/ Games (Wednesdays weather permitting)

Outdoor Kit: Trainers will be needed.

The children will be developing their physical skills, ball skills, throwing and catching, kicking and bouncing the range of balls. Balance bikes will also be introduced by our trained staff. And balancing and climbing and moving through, around, under, over the outdoor equipment safely.

Date for your diary:

Wednesday 31st January – Whole School Trip to Chester Zoo

(Letters were sent out about this trip last Friday (11th January)


Last Week: Headteacher's Award went to Toby H - Well done!

This Week: Headteacher's Award went to Mollie - Well done!


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School Panto Trip, by Mrs Bywater

Christian Theme of the Month

The Christian theme for this half term is 'Thankfulness'.

In school we will be:

Exploring the concept of being thankful.

Encouraging pupils to develop further an appreciative and thankful attitude.

Encouraging pupils to show thankfulness in practical ways.

Parents and carers, please help us at home to support your child in their understanding of the above concepts.

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